Diamond Platnumz mum’s message to Wema Sepetu that has everyone talking


Does Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Sandra Kassim approve of Zari Hassan or Wema Sepetu?

This has been the question which has sparked persistent debates over a period of time with quotas claiming that Ms Kassim prefers Wema Sepetu to Zari Hassan.

If this proposition is indeed true, then a hearty birthday message Ms Kassim sent to Wema Sepetu on Wednesday, September 28 probably puts to bed the debate.

Ms Kassim, who goes by the moniker Kendrah_Michael on Instagram, said: “Happy birthday Mamy Akee @wemasepetu. May you live longer and may God protect and bless you abundantly as He fulfills your heart’s desires. Amen.”

For long, rumours have been rife that Mama Diamond is not in good terms with Zari Hassan because the latter wants to control Diamond’s family – and Sanura Kassim is not impressed.

Amani Newspaper early 2016 reported that Sanura Kassim and Zari Hassan fell out during their March, 2016 Europe tour.

The two apparently had an altercation when the elderly woman slipped and fell while using the escalator.

When Zari – who was in the vicinity – reached out to Ms Kassim to help her get back on her feet, the elderly woman reportedly shoved her off.

“Diamond’s mum pushed Zari’s arm away and told Zari to leave her alone,” a source intimated to the outlet. I believe Zari and her mother-in-law are not in good terms. Even Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz does not get along with Zari,” said an insider.

When Sanura Kasim was reached for comment she refuted the claims that she is not in good terms with Zari.

“Zari and I don’t have any dispute. Go and ask the one who told you that there are disagreements between us to tell you more,” said Ms Kassim.

In a separate interview with Tanzania’s Global Publishers, Sandra said Wema Sepetu would always be close to her heart.

“I have never quarreled with Wema Sepetu. It is they (Diamond and Wema) who could not steer their love boat. However, I welcome Wema to my place any time of day or night. My place is like her place. She is a good lady and my happiness is to see her close to my son – even if they are just friends,” she said.

Wema Sepetu turned 28 on Wednesday, September 28 – and she received a birthday message from Sandra.

Zari Hassan turned 36 on Friday, September 23 – and she did not receive a birthday message from Sandra – at least on Instagram.

Meanwhile, heavily pregnant Zari Hassan is expected to deliver her second baby – sired by Diamond Platnumz – on December, 2016.

Zari and Diamond began dating in November, 2014; immediately after Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz went separate ways.

Diamond told Risasi Newspaper in a March, 2016 interview that unlike Zari Hassan, his exes Wema Sepetu, Jokate Mwegelo, Penniel Mungilwa among others did not want to give him children.

“I love children. Luckily, God finally gave me a partner who also has love for kids. I therefore see no harm in having another baby. I will advance my family gradually. My musical career is demanding and at the same time I am supposed to be available for my family. I will plan effectively. I have faith all shall be well,” said Diamond Platnumz.








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