Diamond Platinumz sets an all record high on YouTube

Popular Tanzania musician, Diamond Platinumz has set a new record after garnering over 1 million YouTube video views within four days.

Diamond’s latest track Kidogo, featuring Nigeria’s P-Square, has gained popularity on Africa music chart since its release on July 12th, setting a new record for the shortest period of YouTube video views any singer in the region has achieved.

The Number One hit-maker expressed his delight to his fans for the support and celebrated his achievement through an Instagram post- having been the first African in history to achieve video popularity of a kind.

Diamond’s post read in part: “Thank you for all who supported me in making history in Africa- my video has recorded over 1 million views in four days. I appreciate your sincere love for everyone who made the project a success, the media and my fans for playing my song. Tell everyone let’s play ‘Kidogo’.

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