Diamond: Moneybags video landed Tanasha and I in trouble with ex-president Kikwete


Musician Diamond Platnumz says a December 16 viral video, which showed him counting stacks of cash while his girlfriend, Tanasha Oketch, took selfies, did not impress former Tanzania’s president Jakaya Kikwete.

Speaking in a recent press conference in Nairobi, Diamond said Mr Kikwete found the musician’s show-off video as a turn-off, given it subjected financially-challenged online users to self-pity and unwarranted pressure.

“When I was in Mwanza, former president Jakaya Kikwete called me on phone, and asked me to go see him urgently. During our phone conversation, he asked about my condition after videos showing me falling off the stage during one of the Wasafi Festival performances in Tanzania went viral,” said Diamond Platnumz.

“Later, I went to his house in Dar es Salaam. While there, he first advised me to marry, saying I am of the right age now to settle down.

“He also warned me against posting to social media videos and pictures showing me flaunting money. His remark came after I had posted a video to Instagram showing Tanasha and I sitting at the terrace of a hotel. I was counting bundles of money on the table while Tanasha was taking selfies with her smartphone.

“The ex-president told me that what I did was wrong, given there are people who do not even have a source of livelihood; so, they feel bad about themselves when they watch me show off with money. He also told me that such videos brew hatred toward me by a section of people. He said, when the “bitter” person would come to congratulate me [on any achievement], he would be hiding the “hatred” in his heart, but pretending outwardly that he is happy for me. On the flipside, he said, if I would be facing financial difficulties, the person harbouring hatred toward me would be like: ‘I am sorry’, while in reality he would be very happy in his heart [that I am undergoing troubles in life],” said Diamond.

“His [Kikwete’s] words of wisdom taught me a lot that day, and I am grateful to him.”

Diamond Platnumz, thereafter, deleted the video from his Instagram page.

Below is the video of Diamond Platnumz revealing details of his conversation with Mr Kikwete:

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