Diamond: Mobetto visited witchdoctor to tie me down

Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz claims his baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto, visited a witchdoctor in bid to have the singer marry her.

Short audio clips of a woman, believed to be Hamisa Mobetto speaking to a witchdoctor, have been circulating on social media; and Diamond now says he can confirm that the voice of the woman in those audio clips is that of the video vixen.

“If one can visit a witchdoctor to perform voodoo on me so that she gains full control over me, it shows that she’s capable of eliminating my mother so that the houses and riches that I own remain in her custody,” Diamond Platnumz told Wasafi TV.

“The voice notes are circulating extensively on social media. I also received them. I can confidently say that the woman in the witchdoctor’s den is her [Hamisa].

“I confronted her, saying: ‘This is you! It would be better you perform voodoo to better your business than doing it so that it facilitates my marriage to you.”

“There are certain things people are saying about you [Hamisa] and your habit of skewing narratives to make my mother and sister look bad. My mum and sister have no issues with you. I know the people you are sending to insult my family; I have seen you sending them to hurl abuses at my mother and sister. You also sent them to go and insult Zamaradi. What you are doing, is not good!’”

The audio clips are said to have leaked just weeks after Hamisa Mobetto revealed that she had turned down many marriage proposals, hoping Diamond Platnumz would seek her hand in marriage

Hamisa Mobetto said, in an August interview, should Diamond Platnumz seek her hand in marriage, she would accept his request on condition that he agrees to take care of her two children.

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz are parents to a 1-year-old son, Prince Dylan Dangote.

The video vixen also has another child, a daughter, from a previous relationship.

“I am ready to marry Diamond [should he express interest]. There are many men who have asked my hand in marriage. [I turned them down] because marriage, being a very serious institution, requires couples to ensure they have a chemistry between them for it to work. Diamond and I have a child together. I acknowledge that I have a daughter from a previous relationship,” Mobetto told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

“Our son binds Diamond and I together, but I also know that other factors determine how he and I would relate should we end up together. If he accepts my daughter in his life, as he would his son, I have no issues, whatsoever, marrying him.

“I know Diamond has a history of unfaithfulness, but should he accept to marry me, I would give it a blind eye for now, and focus on it, if it arises in future. Though, what I know, if he has good intentions with me, there is a way that will find a way of showing.”

Mobetto declined to reveal whether she and Diamond Platnumz are currently seeing each other.


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