Diamond gets Zari’s replacement 8 months after bitter split, singer’s mum confirms


Musician Diamond Platnumz has found love in a Tanzanian video vixen, the singer’s mother, Sanura Kassim, has confirmed.

The “Sikomi” hit-maker’s new flame has been identified as Lilian Kessy alias Kim Nana.

Diamond’s kinsperson, who sought anonymity, was the first to break news about the musician’s new love life.

It remains unclear at what point exactly Diamond and Kim Nana began dating officially. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

It remains unclear at what point exactly Diamond and Kim Nana began dating officially. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

“Those reports claiming Diamond’s mother threw Kim out of the musician’s Madale home are false. If anything, Diamond is so serious with the video vixen that he has convinced her into changing her religion [from Christianity to Islam] as they plan their wedding. Diamond says age is catching up with him, and he needs to settle down,” the artiste’s relative told Tanzania’s Amani newspaper.

“Kim Nana spends most of her time at a boutique owned by Diamond’s sister, Esma Platnumz. She is closely monitored and protected by Diamond’s close family members. If you’re unaware of the musician’s history with women, you’d think Kim is his first lover,” said the informant.

Diamond did not pick up the phone, when he was reached for comment by Amani newspaper.

However, his mother confirmed that her son is indeed “serious” with “the mother of the house – Kim Nana”.

“Ignore the false rumours suggesting I kicked her [Kim Nana] out of my son’s house. If anything, I am with her here; she is seated next to me as I am speaking to you on phone,” Ms Kassim told an Amani journalist, who had reached her for comment.

“Kim Nana is currently taking Islam and Sharia lessons. She is also being taught how to read and interpret the Quran by Diamond’s uncle, Shamte – the brother to my son’s dad. Those waiting for my son to dump Kim would have to wait for a very long time; that won’t even happen,” said Ms Kassim, who passed on the phone to Kim Nana.

Kim Nana says she is happy that Diamond’s family has accepted her. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Kim Nana says she is happy that Diamond’s family has accepted her. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Kim only chuckled in excitement, and said how happy she was being accepted by Diamond’s immediate family.

The video vixen, thereafter, returned the phone to Ms Kassim, who, in turn, passed it on to Diamond’s uncle, Shamte, to further cement Ms Kassim’s claims – that Kim Nana was indeed converting to Islam.

“It is true I am imparting Islam lessons in her. These lessons include general Islam values and Quran teachings. As Diamond’s mum has told you, all is going on well so far,” said Shamte.

Until one, or two months ago, Kim Nana stayed in a single-roomed house in Sinza Mori area in Dar es Salaam. She, thereafter, moved into Diamond’s house after Ijumaa newspaper highlighted the dilapidated conditions Kim Nana’s house was in.

It remains unclear at what point exactly Diamond and Kim Nana began dating officially.

These revelations come on the back of a statement by Diamond’s mum that she “has no rights, whatsoever, to pick a wife for my superstar son”.

“I cannot choose a lifetime partner for Diamond. That is his obligation. I have heard some people advising him to marry Zari [Hassan]. [I won’t encourage or discourage him from doing that]. When the two met and started their relationship [in November, 2014]; and even went ahead to get [two] children together, my opinion wasn’t sought. On who becomes a spouse, is a decision made by lovers themselves, and not the lovers’ parents,” Ms Kassim told Tanzania’s Risasi Vibes early this week.

For a long time, reports on entertainment outlets in Tanzania said Ms Kassim has a strong influence on her son’s decisions, including those relating to who he dates and interacts with.

Early 2018, online outlets in the country were fraught with claims that Ms Kassim disliked Diamond’s baby mama and longtime side-squeeze, Hamisa Mobetto.

The May, 2018 reports said Ms Kassim beat up Ms Mobetto, when she found her in Diamond’s Madale home.

Hamisa, later, came out to dismiss those claims.

It was reported that Diamond’s mum, for the longest time, vouched for Zari Hassan to be her daughter-in-law, but her son thought otherwise.

Since his break-up with Zari in February this year, Diamond was linked to a string of top video vixens in Tanzania including Tunda Sebastian, Lynn, among others.

Other women who the musician dated in the past include actresses Wema Sepetu and Jacqueline Wolper, models Jokate Mwegelo and Naj, radio presenter Penniel Mwingilwa, among others.



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