Diamond father’s legs risk being amputated – Doctor



The legs of Diamond Platnumz’s father, Abdul Juma, could be amputated if he doesn’t get urgent medical attention, a doctor in Tanzania, says.

Dr. Godfrey Charle, who operates in Dar es Salaam, says Mr Juma suffers from skin cancer and his legs have developed a bacterial infection, which if not treated, could see him spend the remainder of his life limbless.

Mr Juma’s health woes have stuck with him for a while now, with his multiple pleas to have his superstar son rescue him, bearing no fruits.

Dr Charle said Mr Juma stands a 50 per cent chance of recovering; and, in the same breath, a 50 per cent chance of facing amputation, per Global Publishers.

Where the risk would fall, depends on how swift action would be taken to salvage the situation, said the medical doctor.

Mr Juma’s efforts to raise needed money through the help of neighbours have bore no fruits, with the well-wishers saying the medical bill is “way too high for them to raise”.

“We can only wish him well,” said a neighbour, identified only as Abdul.

When Global Publishers asked Mr Juma whether he has reached Diamond for help, the distressed old man declined to comment.

According to Mr Juma, his London-based daughter, Zubeda Humphries, has been at the forefront in helping him – both financially and emotionally.

Zubeda says she has called Diamond on phone, but the award-winning crooner did not pick up her calls.

“I wish he [Diamond] could reunite with his father, and help him to full recovery,” said Zubeda, who is the artiste’s half-sister.

Global Publishers reached Diamond for comment, but he did not pick up the phone.

Diamond Platnumz and Mr Juma have had a sour relationship, dating back to when the “Love You Die” hit-maker, now-aged 29, was 6-years-old.

According to Diamond, his father abandoned him and his mother, Sanura Kassim, at a time they needed him most.

In a recent interview with the news outlet, however, Abdul Juma alleged that Ms Kassim “poisoned” the singer’s mind and influenced him into hating his father.

In a January 2018 interview on 10 Over 10, Diamond said his father has never been in his life at the time of need; and, so, there is no reason as to why he should seek to reunite with him [Diamond] now.

“I, however, send him money, when he requests. I also send him money whenever he tells me he is ailing. However, living together under the same roof would be impossible. All my life growing up, he was never there for me. Why should I pretend that I am now ready to share a house with him?” posed Diamond.

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