Diamond could have been my life partner – Wema Sepetu

Popular Tanzanian actress and model, Wema Sepetu, has not gotten over the country’s music powerhouse, Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Jembe FM, the film beauty confirmed Nasib Abdul Juma is the man she hoped she would spend her entire life with.

She was asked about the man she valued most, and without thinking much, she responded: “Ni yupi ambaye niliwahi kusema huyu anaweza kuwa wa maisha? Kiukweli alikuwa anaitwa Nasib Abdul, nilishawahi kusema hivyo (Translation: Whenever I get the question – which man I would have loved to spend my entire life with– honestly one person comes to mind. His name is Nasib Abdul. I had already said that before.”)

However, Sepetu’s dreams were dashed after the Ntampata Wapi hit-maker found companionship in another woman – Zari Hassan Ntale. Not only has the celebrity couple dated, but have also started a family.

Diamond and Wema’s highly publicised two-year affair came to a grinding halt in 2012. The star struck celebrity couple reunited a year later before breaking up for good in 2014.

The announcement of their first break-up came through a radio interview when Diamond Platnumz revealed that he had settled for a new girl. This news was met by much aggression from Wema Sepetu who had allegedly turned down top politicians and many other top celebrities, among them TID, for the Mbagala singer.

A fortnight after going separate ways, Wema found out Diamond was actually having an affair with Jokate Mwegelo.

What followed was a murky public showdown between the three.

Diamond would in 2013 ditch Jokate to get back with ex-lover, Wema.

The second chapter of their relationship did not last long. In November 2014, Diamond dumped the film star yet again for wealthy Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan – whom he is with currently.

The break-up prompted Wema, in April 2015, to claim she was blinded by her love for Diamond.

“Nilipokuwa kwenye mapenzi na Nasib nilikuwa blinded kuyaangalia maisha yangu na future (I was blinded from focusing on my life and future when I was in a relationship with Nasib).

When asked if she was jealous of Diamond’s then new relationship with Zari, Wema said she is not: “Why would I be jealous? I love them. They make such a good couple. Diamond and I were not meant to be, it didn’t work and that’s it. So, I wish them all the best, I also wish him happiness.”

Some quotas, however, believe Diamond deserted Wema because she could not bear him children.

This is after the Bongo star revealed in a past interview with Tanzania’s Global Publishers that one of his ex-girlfriends, VJ Penny procured an abortion. The award-winning singer added that he was ready to be a father, but Penny felt having a baby would cause friction between her and her parents.

His dream of being a father was finally realised with Zari who bore him a daughter, Latiffah Dangote.

Zari has three sons from previous relationship with ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga.

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