Deya brings to court bucket with human waste


Controversial televangelist Gilbert Deya, 65, has complained to a Nairobi court about “deplorable” conditions at the Kamiti Maximum Prison.

Deya alleges “mattresses in Kamati are very dirty”, and that he “has no access to the washrooms “.

He says that he has to relieve himself in a bucket which he has to stay with until morning and that is the time he will empty the bucket.

The prison officers allowed him to carry the bucket to the court as an exhibit.

The court heard the cell does not meet the standards of Article 3 of the European Commission, which was stipulated by the High Court in London when he was being extradited.

John Swaka, Deya’s lawyer, said one of the conditions that the UK court and Kenya agreed on upon Deya’s extradition was that he would be held in a dignified condition.

State counsel, Nicholas Mutuku, denied the cell was dirty and said it meets the threshold required by law.

The prosecution further said “there was no agreement that Deya will be given special treatment”.

“It was only agreed that If remanded he’ll be housed in a special unit where he’ll occupy alone,” the prosecution told the court.

Nairobi Chief magistrate Francis Andayi said, “if the standards are not in accordance with the international rules then let him file an application at the court and raise those issues.”

Deya will remain in custody pending hearing and determination of his case.

The court ruled that if released on bail, he might abscond court proceedings. The hearing is set for October 9.

Deya was deported from United Kingdom to Kenya and arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Friday, August 4, at 4.40 am.

The controversial preacher is facing child-trafficking charges after it emerged he had deceived some of his followers that he had powers to cause infertile women to deliver.

The self-proclaimed Archbishop of Gilbert Deya Ministries allegedly, through prayers, helped several sterile women in Kenya and Britain to give birth. His wife, Mary, was arrested in November 2004 in Nairobi and charged with stealing children.

Ten children, none of whom had any genetic connection to the Deya family, were found at the couple’s house in Mountain View estate.

Kenyan police immediately sought the preacher’s prosecution over child trafficking charges. A decade long warrant of arrest had been pending as Deya, 65, fought against extradition from Britain.

He had appealed against the extradition on grounds that he feared being tortured as well as facing a death sentence. The appeal was rejected on July 12 by a London Court.






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