Devastating damage as Kenyan woman smashes ‘boyfriend’s’ Mercedes in broad daylight – Photos

Woman smashes boyfriend's Mercedes Benz. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

An undated video of a young woman smashing the windscreen of a Mercedes Benz parked next to apartments, believed to be in Mombasa, has gone viral on instant messaging service, WhatsApp.

Sporting a short bareback red dress, the woman, who was allegedly drunk during the incident, is seen repeatedly stepping on an already-cracked windshield, before walking on the vehicle’s roof in a bid to dent it.

The woman was in the company of two youthful men, who were helping her to wreak the destruction.

After accomplishing their mission, one of the men was seen carrying the woman in his arms as they walked away boisterously.

A woman, who was filming the entire incident on phone from the balcony of her house, can be heard repeatedly remarking: “woyi”, an indigenous word used extensively in Kenyan context to express pity – in this case, to the owner of the car.

It is alleged that the red Mercedes Benz belongs to the woman’s boyfriend, and that cheating allegations against the man attracted her wrath.

EDAILY could not independently verify those claims.

We have, however, sought comment from a lady believed to have been the key subject in that video.


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