Detainee immersed in drum of cold water for hours – while naked – for slapping, punching OCS in the face

An alleged offender who had been detained in a cell at Ngong Police Station was forced to spend more than four hours in a drum full of cold water after he allegedly slapped and punched the police post’s Officer Commanding Station (OCS), Renson Ngambo, in the face early Saturday.

According to a witness, who had gone to the police station to visit a friend who had been arrested Friday night, the OCS had gone to the cell to do a head count of detained suspects at 6:30am Saturday, as usual, when the middle-aged man, who was woken up by the officer, threw a punch in the OCS’s face, hitting him on the nose, before slapping the OCS.

“Police officers, who were on duty early Saturday, rushed to the rescue of the already-subdued OCS, before handcuffing the suspect, stripping him naked and immersing him in a drum full of cold water. By the time I was leaving the station, which was several hours after the incident, the suspect was still immersed in the container; mark you, the weather was really cold. That was not fair.

“The OCS is doing a great job in Ngong, but on the punishment they issued on the man, that was not fair at all. The man can even lose his life,” said the witness.

It is alleged that the suspect spent more than four hours in the water drum.

It remains unclear whether the OCS has sought medical attention.

Ngong OCPD, George Seda, was not available for comment as phone calls to him went unanswered.



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