Details which remained untold about Bahati, Diana Marua wedding



The wedding plan of gospel singer Bahati, born Kevin Kioko, and his flame, Diana Marua, was so secretly hatched that a person, who works so closely with him, only came to know about it five days to the ceremony.

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Bahati and Marua tied the knot in a low key event in Nairobi on Friday, October 20.

“Can you believe I manage his every day work itinerary, but he kept the details of his wedding away from my knowledge?” posed the informant, who sought anonymity.

“I only came to know that my boss, Bahati, was going to wed Ms Marua on October 20 last Monday, October 16,” said the source, adding: “I am yet to know why he chose to be secretive about it.”

“Though, what I can reveal is that the plan was kind of rushed.”

Bahati had postponed a previous wedding plan, citing a tensed political environment, which could have affected his wedding that had been scheduled for August, 2017.

The Barua star later revealed that his wedding was going to take place “soon”, but none of his cronies expected it to be two weeks later after making that declaration.

One of Marua’s close friends had even ruled out an October date for the wedding.

“Every lady wants a wedding and that is what Diana was looking forward to, but with the pregnancy, and the responsibilities piling up, not to mention the October 26 presidential election, it makes sense for Diana and Bahati to wait,” Marua’s friend told the Standard’s Pulse in October 6.


Even as Bahati’s cronies continue to wonder why the wedding was secretly hatched and “rushed”, speculations are rife that the award-winning gospel heavy-hitter and his now-wife, Marua, who are expecting their first child together, wanted their baby born when they are legally married.

Bahati had in an October 6, 2017 interview with the Standard’s Pulse confirmed that he and Marua were expecting a baby.

“Nimekuwa baba before but (I am) still learning. The family is growing. I am still learning what fatherhood entails. I am a new father, and yes the family is growing,” he revealed.

A pregnancy for Marua before solemnizing her union with Bahati meant critics flocked her social media timeline to call her out for conceiving out of wedlock, and worse still, with a gospel musician, who should be the proponent of Christian teachings and values.

Another source of online users’ gripe was the revelation that Bahati and Marua were living under one roof before marriage.

According to Marua’s close friend, the constant array of criticisms did not bother either Bahati or Marua.

“Neither Bahati nor Diana cares anymore what people in the gospel (industry) have to say about their relationship. Many were against the union to begin with. So, why keep them in their affairs?” Marua’s friend told Pulse in October 6.

Going by Bahati’s Friday, October 20 Instagram post, he and Diana seemingly succumbed to pressure to solemnise their union so that their baby/babies can be deemed ones born in wedlock.

“It is official. Thank you Jesus she (Diana Marua) is lawfully mine. Now let the babies come,” he wrote.

Marua’s child will be Bahati’s second biological offspring after another, a 2-year-old baby girl, the gospel singer got with a Nairobi-based woman, Yvette Obura.



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