Details of Ray C–Ringtone secret meeting; Ray C had launched online husband hunt


Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone has said he met Tanzania’s Ray C in Dar es Salaam last year December and had a heart-to-heart conversation with her.

It will be remembered that Ray C, in mid 2015, had taken to social media to launch a husband hunt, listing ten qualities that she was looking for in a lifetime partner.

Ringtone, two months later, sensationally said he was ready to marry Ray C; only to withdraw his interest a few days later, saying he “wanted to pray for Ray C and bring her on board in his then-anti-drugs campaign.”

Ringtone unsuccessfully used Tanzanian rapper AY as a proxy to link him up with Ray C.

Well, 18 months later, Ringtone met Ray C and they had a conversation that was hearty and serious in equal measures.

“She told me that she is on her way to full recovery from drug addiction,” said Ringtone, referring to the Mama Nitilie star’s long battle to regain her health after three years of drug and substance abuse.

I inquired whether Ringtone touched on the issue of marriage to Ray C.

“Yes. We said nothing serious to each other though. I am single and praying God blesses me with a worthy life partner. Ray C too is not seeing anyone currently. But I pray she finds a good partner in Tanzania,” said Ringtone.

I chime in, almost immediately: “Why a Tanzanian partner for Ray C, why not you?”

“(Laughs). I don’t know where this conversation is heading to. But, well it could be me. But for now God has not directed me to be with Ray C,” said Ringtone.

Ray C: I won’t harm my body with drugs

Ray C, who’s lost weight; and visibly proud of what her body looks like now, recently took to her Instagram page to promise she won’t return to drug use.

“I have began to fall in love with this woman Ray C. I don’t want to harm her with poison (drugs) or a gun. I just want to be attracted to her every time I see her in the mirror,” said Ray C.

Ray C has returned to music production. She is currently recording her songs for 2017 at Wanene Entertainment Studio.


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