Finally they meet: Details of ‘James Bond’-Raila private meeting in Meru

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has finally met Julius Mwithalii Kiyuki, the man who clung on his chopper when he visited Meru County late January, 2017, Raila’s aide Norman Magaya has said.

Mr Magaya says Mr Odinga, who began his two-day tour of the Mt. Kenya east counties on Monday, February 27, met with Mr Mwithalii at Meru Slopes Hotel.

“I would not reveal much about the meeting between Mr Odinga and Mwithalii. If anything, it was a conclave (private meeting). But what the guy (Mr Mwithalii) wanted was a job. Mr Odinga gave him the option of either employing him directly, or giving him money to start a business. All those were options on the table, as to which option Mr Mwithalii picked, I am not quite sure,” Mr Magaya told EDAILY.

On Tuesday, February 21, Mr Magaya refuted media reports that Mr Odinga had met with Mwithalii, 28, alongside his three brothers at the Capitol Hill in Nairobi on Monday, February 20.

The reports, which quoted Meru County ODM Chairman, Robert Kathata, as the source, added that Mr Odinga promised to give jobs to Mwithalii and his brothers.

“I am the one who facilitated Mwithalii’s transport to Nairobi. We met Odinga, Mwithalii spoke to him. Odinga warned Mwithalii against clinging on choppers as a way of getting people’s attention, emphasising that his office is open to everyone who needs his help,” said Kathata, who was quick to clarify that the nature of jobs given to Mr Mwithalii and his brothers would be known on February 27.

“A meeting between Raila Odinga and Mr Mwithalii has not taken place yet, though it has been scheduled for February 27. Mr Mwithalii has not met with Raila Odinga one-on-one, but the appointment has been made,” Mr Magaya told EDAILY on February 21.

Asked on agenda of the meeting – then, and whether a job offer to Mr Mwithalii was imminent, Mr Magaya said: “It is not possible to preempt a meeting that is yet to take place. But certainly Raila has a big organisation; so, if such a request is made, it will be given a consideration.”

Mr Mwithalii, from Thuuru Village in Igembe Central Sub-County, last month, told EDAILY that he clung on the chopper of Raila Odinga because he wanted the Opposition leader to employ him as a farmhand.

“I am a die-hard supporter of Raila Odinga and I did not want him to leave me behind. Actually, I wanted a job from him, given the life challenges – including financial bottlenecks –, I am currently facing. The problems are unbearable. I find it hard to provide for my family. Initially, I wanted to be Raila’s chief campaigner in Meru region, but now I am open to any job, including being his farmhand. Had the pilot not dropped me at Athimba Primary School, I would have reached Raila’s destination,” he said.

Back Opposition, Raila to Meru residents

Raila Odinga began his rallies in the Mt. Kenya east counties in Timau on Monday, February 27, alone before he was joined by Kalonzo in Meru.

During a stop in Makutano, Raila and Kalonzo pointed out that Kiraitu, a key Jubilee political reliable, was already finding fault in Jubilee’s political move to merge 12 parties into one.

“If Kiraitu has accepted that Jubilee is a mistake, and he is politically experienced, then it really is a mistake,” said Kalonzo.

The Nasa principals got a rousing welcome in Timau and Makutano despite the fact that some youth barricaded the entrance of the Meru bus stage – the venue for the rally. Raila opted for a rally outside the park.

Raila pleaded with Meru leaders to join them in dislodging Jubilee Party from power in the August 8 polls.



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