Details: How Executive Water boss Anerlisa Muigai lost over 30kgs

Anerlisa Mungai

Executive Water boss Anerlisa Muigai, who is also the daughter of Keroche Breweries owner Tabitha Karanja, has had a dramatic and equally inspiring weight loss journey – one that has prompted many to ask how she shed over 30 kilos over the last year.

The stunning beauty, who has been open about her weight loss, has finally answered the questions that many others, who are struggling to shed extra weight, have asked.

In a lengthy social media post, Ms Mungai explained that it took six months of exercise to shed the excess weight.

“[During] the first two months I did one hour of medium intensity exercise which involved walking, Pilates and yoga. Over the next four months I did two hours of serious training with an ex-military trainer. This is where I lost most of my weight (30kgs).”

Conceding that she worked with these specialised personal trainers to shed the extra weight, the young businesswoman explained to fans that they can get the same kind of exercise though boot camps – some of which are held at Nairobi Arboretum.

Ms Mungai – who says she still exercises for an hour each day – reveals that maintaining a healthy diet has also helped shed the extra weight.

“Personally I have completely cut down on sugar. I cook with olive or canola oil. I prefer steamed, boiled or grilled very lean food especially meat. I also measure my carbohydrates with a table spoon; I only have two servings 3 times a week. I prefer lots of proteins like beans since they keep you full for long and lots of sukuma wiki  (kale) and spinach too are lovely for vitamins,” she wrote.

Despite the immense progress, Ms Mungai admits that she still struggles with her arms, stomach and stretch marks.

“My arms are still the hardest to loose, working towards toning them to avoid loose skin. My stomach was the first to go because even when I was big it was the last to add, still have a bit to work on,” the bottled water baroness admitted.

Practical advice aside, Ms Mungai coached fans on how they can stay motivated as they embark on their personal fitness goals.

“Surround yourself with people with the same goals. Motivate yourself with what eats [at] you most; all the mean things I heard people saying about my obesity motivated me to work harder. Success is the best revenge, but remember you are doing this for yourself and for your health,” Ms Mungai concluded.

Kalekye 40 off 40

Anerlisa is not the first celebrity to wow fans with her weight loss.

Popular radio presenter Kalekye Mumo baffled fans when she flaunted her banging new body in March.

Kalekye, who had been plus size for most of her public life, lost 40 kilos ahead of her 40th birthday – a transformation that was featured on most Kenyan blogs.

A glowing Kalekye revealed her new look at an invite-only party held at a swanky Nairobi hotel.

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