Dennis Okari apologises to wife Betty Kyalo for Prezzo’s behavior

NTV senior investigative reporter Dennis Okari has apologised to his wife, Betty Kyalo, on behalf of flashy rapper CMB Prezzo who inappropriately behaved during KTN’s Friday Briefing.

Jackson Ngechu Makini, better known by his stage name Prezzo, misbehaved after being invited to be a guest anchor; consequently attracting razor-sharp criticism from viewers.

The unseemly action of the artiste began when he hugged the news anchor at the beginning of his interview. If that was not enough, Prezzo went on to make compliments to Betty who seemed uncomfortbale receiving the praises.

“I love your dress, it’s very nice,” said Prezzo, prompting Betty to respond: “I was told that by my better half (Dennis Okari) before I came in for the show.”

Prezzo added: “He always has to love you, and he is a lucky man.”

This comment made Mrs Okari to become speechless for a few seconds; perhaps gobsmacked by the comment the Let’s Get Down rapper made on national television.

Shortly after the entertainer showed the inapt behaviour and garbled all through the interview, Dennis Okari responded to his behavior towards his wife via Twitter posts.

“Ati Prezzo has done what? I’m not anywhere near a TV. Someone update me on what’s going on at Friday Briefing?” posed Okari in his first tweet.

“I’m really sorry babe (Betty Kyalo) if what I’m reading on the interwebs is true. That kid didn’t deserve that stage,” he added, appearing to apologise for Prezzo’s inappropriate behaviour – at the same time comforting his wife.

However, his gripe did not end with that tweet. He went ahead to question why artists would appear on national television for interviews while drunk.

“It always puzzles me why some artists come live on TV drunk. A free prime time opportunity thousands would die for. Despicable.”

Betty Kyalo on Saturday tweeted that Prezzo’s mum has also apologised to her for the rapper’s behaviour.

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