Demoted top police officer takes to Facebook to voice his disappointment



“All protocols observed.

“My frustration in the Kenya Police Service has reached burnout calling for a voice of reason to speak to the Kenyan people and our President who are our employer.

“I Pius Masai Mwachi, EMT, OGW, am just one among many police officers who are quietly suffering in Kenya Police Service (KPS).

“Quietly many officers have left the service in unclear circumstances including frustrations by some senior police officers and whereby the list is endless.

“Why should the government hire, train, deploy people using tax payers money and later a few senior individuals who have been given a responsibility to take care of us take advantage to frustrate hard working colleagues and specialists causing them to leave the Service?

“For my case I thought it was enough for I was removed from National Disaster Management Unit (NDMU) to Nyanza Region as a Staff Officer but still I am being deliberately frustrated by the same individuals who created my transfer out of National Disaster Management Unit (NDMU) are still furthering their objectives in ensuring that they completely see that I am nobody. I believe God knows my destiny as I am a servant of the people.

“Additionally, all official invitation for me to represent National Police Service and Kenya are being rejected by senior officers in authority at the expense of the tax payer and partners. Letters which have copies written in my name are being rejected and some being changed to certain individuals and yet I am still in Service.

“It is quite unprofessional and I feel that there is no justice at all.

“Right now my trip to Vienna Austria and another one to South Africa have been rejected before reaching the office of the Inspector General National Police Service.

“Several times I have complained through the internal systems but no good solutions. Internal systems have failed to assist me at all therefore forcing me to appeal to the Kenyan People and our beloved President of Kenya to intervene and save the masses.

“Following my transfer from NDMU a senior officer retained my Service Register and Personal Confidential file in NDMU just to frustrate me.

“I have complained to many authorities but so far no good solutions or results.

“I have used internal mechanisms but no good results.

“The same senior officer failed to assist Kenyans during April and May 2018 floods.

“He refused to allow NDMU personnel to support county efforts during flooding period and failed to support Kitui County in the search and retrieval of the families who drowned in a [Toyota] Probox.

“Following his unprofessional conduct I officially complained to the relevant authorities and to date I have never been informed the outcome of the inquiry.

“I am still in the service with some years to go and I request for fair treatment as a peace loving police officer.

“I thank the outgoing Inspector General – National Police Service (NPS) for standing with me throughout his tour of duty.

“I also thank our Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government [for] bringing reforms and transformation.

“I thank the two Regional Police Commanders (the former and the present with the entire staff) for they have really assisted in counseling me to reach this far.

“Politely, with respect I now appeal to the incoming Inspector General National Police to continue supporting and protecting the affected masses in the Service so as to receive fair treatment.

“May the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and our beloved President His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta save the masses who are suffering quietly from the aggressors.

“I request that to prove my point may an audit be carried out to know how many specialists and hard working police officers have left the Police Service in the last 5 years and for what reasons?

“I believe many police officers have also died in unclear circumstances whereby some committed suicide.

“I love our country.

“May everyone put Kenya first.

“Does it mean that Specialists and hard working officers like Pius Masai Mwachi have no room in the Kenya Police Service? I say NO.

“Affected Police officer.”

Pius Masai Mwachi, EMT, OGW
Disaster & Emergency Specialist.

*The above post was published on Pius Masai’s Facebook page on Thursday, April 4.*

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