Debate rages online after 27-year-old gospel musician marries 45-year-old girlfriend


A gospel musician from Zambia has married a woman who is 18 years older than him – and the netizens’ opinion over the nature of the union is divided, given the age gap between the couple.

Stevie G, 27, tied the knot with the love of his life Estellah, 45, last weekend in a colourful ceremony held in Zambia’s capital Lusaka, says Zambia Reports.

Estellah is said to be a telecommunications company boss.

Stevie G and Estellah’s marriage has sparked debate on the internet, with online users giving differing opinions about their unusual union.

An online user, Maya, said: “I hope they genuinely love each other. All we can do is wish them well, otherwise the gap is too much. If the woman was 27 and the man 45, that would have been better. It’s wrong for a woman to be so desperate and end up marrying someone the same age as your child.”

Another online user, Pamu, said: “Why is it wrong guys? Men do it all the time.”

Another online user going by the fictitious name General said: “…I believe this couple has their families and for the wedding to take off, meetings were held. Let us not insult nor use the bible to whip the couple; where is our introspection? We only see the outside but the owners see both outside and inside. To me people do not marry the age.”



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