Dear Mr President…What Bahati told Uhuru Kenyatta in a lengthy letter

If you could write a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta, what would you ask for?

Well, Groove Awards winner Bahati has penned a long missive to the man on the top seat, demanding for swift action on behalf of the children receiving cancer treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

Instead of sending a private letter to Uhuru, Bahati opted to send an open letter because “… it might take long before it gets to you so the urgency of this matter forced me to put it in public maybe a fellow citizen might read it to you…”.

After explaining his reasons for opting for an open letter, Bahati got down to business.

“Mr. President, do you see the picture above? It was taken barely two days ago at Kenyatta National Hospital Cancer Ward but as you are reading this, (name of child withheld) is no more,” he continued.

According to the Machozi hit-maker, the loss of this young one’s life is made worse by the fact that another young girl from the same ward was buried just 8 days earlier – incidences that, he says, point to the high fatality rate at the hospital.

“I visited the same kids ward 5 months ago found more than 80 admitted kids, and now on my second visit I find less than 30 new faces… not because they are healed but we’ve lost over 90% of these kids to the grave. Mr. President our parents are tired of helplessly waiting to bury their kids.” he lamented.

Bahati, who is the adoptive father of three children, asked the president to intervene on behalf of the children at KNH and their parents by expanding the facilities at the treatment centre.

“KNH has less than 3 cancer treatment machines which serve over 2000 patients. Meaning a patient can spend almost 2 years waiting for their turn to access the chemotherapy machine! About 60 people die every month; these are 15 people weekly, meaning we bury like 2 every day,” he wrote.

Though he did not reveal the source of his data, the musician called for immediate intervention, adding state could do more for the children.

Read the full letter below:

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