‘Dear future husband…’: Hamisa Mobetto pens letter to prospective lover

Tanzanian video vixen-turned-singer Hamisa Mobetto has now written a letter to her prospective husband.

Taking to Instagram, the ‘Madam Hero’ hitmaker’ wrote: “Dear Future Husband …Popote ulipo sijui wapi. Hivi bado hujachoka kulala peke yako jamani kweli…?”

[“Dear Future Husband… Wherever you are, I don’t know where. Surely, aren’t you tired of sleeping alone?”]

Early this year, the beauty announced that she was busy with work and family and therefore had no time for relationships; she however clarified that the dating door was not shut for good.

“Niko single, I’m not in any relationship and I’m not ready for now. I’m very busy to the point. I don’t think I can pay attention to him properly, so there are things I work on, focused on my work and time that I spend with my children,” she said.

“But that doesn’t mean that I’ll be single forever. There is a point I want to get to and then when I get to that point I will think about having another affiliation.”

Hamisa presently has two children, one of them fathered by Tanzanian heavy-hitter Diamond Platnumz.

“I have a dream of having a small family, and you never know what God is planning for me. Even if I get five or seven kids okay, I love kids so much. You know I’m born alone so I know the challenges of being alone for a family. That is why I already have two children,” she also previously said.

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