Deadly ‘Jakadala‘ STD causes panic in Migori, health minister urges safe sex


A ‘deadly’ sexually transmitted disease christened “Jakadala” has reportedly broke out in Migori County, sending shivers down the spines of constituents.

“Jakadala” is said to have ‘cancer-like symptoms’, and could kill a patient in a span of weeks.

“It [Jakadala] ‘eats up’ the private parts; and we hear it could kill in a matter of days. It is quite a scary disease,” said a resident, who claims to know a patient suffering from “Jakadala”.

“The private parts swell, rupture, discharge pus and produce extremely bad odour. One could mistake the signs of the disease for gonorrhea; only that it subjects a victim to extreme pain,” said another source, who claims to have come across the symptoms on a “Jakadala” patient.

Unconfirmed reports say at least five people from Kuria, Rongo, Nyatike and Suna areas are suspected to have contracted the disease, which reportedly broke out two weeks ago.

No fatalities arising from “Jakadala” have, however, been reported.

Migori County Health minister Dr. Isca Oluoch has urged residents who have multiple sexual partners to shun unprotected sex, even as the county government investigates claims of the outbreak.

Dr. Oluoch says though investigations are in the early stages, an elementary report shows that the disease could be transmitted sexually.

The health minister says a team of disease surveillance officers have been dispatched to the hospitals, where patients who allegedly contracted “Jakadala” have been admitted.

“We hope to establish the truth about the said disease as soon as possible,” said Ms Oluoch.

The health minister says preliminary reports show that the disease first broke out at goldmine areas in Migori County. She has urged constituents living around the goldmine areas to practice safe sex.

“Filled condom dispensers are available at the public hospitals. People shouldn’t risk their lives yet preventive tools are readily available,” said Ms Oluoch.

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