Darassa: I’m not a drug addict

Top Tanzanian rapper Darassa has dismissed rumours suggesting he is a drug addict.

Speaking to Clouds FM on Sunday, January 29, Darassa said his conspicuous absence from social media and entertainment joints made quotas speculate that he was – in private – struggling with drug addiction.

“I have accomplished several big projects; and given the popularity of my name, some people would want to see me being active on social media; others would want to know the woman I’m dating; some would want to know where I hang out often. I don’t share that information publicly,” he said.

“And because there’s an information vacuum about what I do in private, some people have speculated that I abuse hard drugs and substances; others claim I’m confused. No, I am doing fine.”

Darassa insinuated that people scared of his success are to blame for the rumours, which he termed as malicious.

“People are often scared of silence; when your competitor is silent, you don’t know what he or she is planning; and as a result, you tend to panic. That is what is happening with my competitors,” he said.

The Muziki hit-maker has not posted anything on his Instagram page since August 12, 2017.

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