Cunning hackers take over Jimmy Gait’s social media accounts

Kenyan gospel singer, Jimmy Gait is counting losses after his accounts, both on Instagram and Facebook were hacked.

The two accounts where he enjoyed huge popularity were his main forum of addressing his fan-base and promoting his trade.

His Instagram account which boasts close to 60k followers have been taken offline and posts deleted.

His Facebook account also appears to have been deactivated.

A snippet of Jimmy Gait’s Instagram which has since been deleted. Photo: Istagram/JimmyGait

Speaking to this publication, the singer cum businessman says that attempts to regain his accounts have proved futile.

His fate brings to mind Kenya’s female DJ Pierra Makena who lost her populous account to hackers a few month back.

Makena was forced to start from the bottom again and has since re-opened a new account which is growing steadily.

Vera Sidika, Xtian Dela and several other Kenyans have in the past had the misfortune of falling under the fraudlent feet of these hackers.

In what appears to be reprieve for social media users, parliament has proposed a bill to handle social media fraudsters and imposters.
Parliament proposed that anyone found with the offense of using someone else identity, creating an account on their behalf or impersonating anyone for their own gain will face a charge of either 3 million shillings fine or jail term for up to 3 years.

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