Crazy World: Pastor claims he ‘went to heaven and took a selfie with God’

South African televangelist of Incredible Happenings Ministries Paseka Motsoeneng has claimed that he went to heaven and even took a photo with God.

It sounds unbelievable and incredible.

According to Newsdaily, during a past service in his hometown of Johannesburg, Motsoeneng said he ‘ascended into heaven’ with people more than 60km away testifying the sky did look different that morning.

“The prophet did go to heaven during the service, and he came back later that day. While there, he took pictures using his Samsung Galaxy S5 so he can show them to the people on Earth if they do not believe he was captured in heaven,” Motsoeneng’s spokesman, identified as Nkuna said.

To keep the make-believe going, the pastor said he’d post his heaven selfies on his Facebook page – which he did not.

He later claimed that the phone he’d used to take the photos was stolen.

The internet heavily trolled Prophet Motsoeneng on social media that he scrapped the whole thing and said it was just a joke that got out of hand.

“If the Americans can go to the moon why can’t Pastor Motsoeneng  go to Heaven and take pics?” posed one Twitter user.


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