Cow gives birth to calf with human-like facial features in Kakamega

cow photo/ courtesy

Residents of Kipsomba village in Kakamega County on Friday woke up to a shocking spectacle of a cow that gave birth to a calf with facial features resembling those of human beings.

According to Rose Werengai, her cow had developed difficulties in delivering Thursday night, prompting her to seek services of a veterinarian.

And when the calf was delivered successfully at 8pm, the vet confirmed that it had abnormal body features. A better part of its body resembled a normal cow, but human-like features took over from its neck on to its head.

The vet said it is unlikely that the calf would survive.

According to a neighbour who spoke in confidence, such occurrences are rare in the region; and she speculated that the incident could be a manifestation of witchery.

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