Why I couldn’t put up with Diamond much longer, Zari reveals in candid radio interview

Zari Hassan says she broke up with Diamond Platnumz so as to pass a clear message to her sons; that: “you cannot disrespect women and expect to be tolerated”.

Zari Hassan says Diamond Platnumz’s constant philandering habits, even as her kids watched, made her walk out on the Eneka singer.

“I loved him. We all know that I loved him; and I have two beautiful children with him. But, it is one thing, when a man keeps disrespecting you.

“As a man, cheat as much as you’d want to, but when it comes with disrespect, that is something that I wouldn’t take,” Zari Hassan told Classic 105 FM host Maina Kageni on Friday morning.

“I was like: my integrity and well-being did not allow that [shameless cheating]. I was asking myself why I settled for so less. Why was I loving him; doing all that I was doing while he was paying back by doing things that left my children and I disrespected?

“We get all these insults on social media; it is not just about Zari, it gets bad when the kids are also insulted. I’d ask what Diamond was doing about it; he was continuing to do things that left us disrespected,” added Zari Hassan.

Zari said given her three sons’ dad, Ivan Ssemwanga, is absent in their lives, Diamond ought to have played a father-figure role in their lives.

“As a mother with bigger boys now, was I ready to keep being in the relationship with my kids watching all the unfortunate developments? That was like me telling them, you can disrespect women. In future, my kids will know that they will not be tolerated if they disrespect women,” said Zari Hassan.

The mother-of-five, nonetheless, says she enjoyed her relationship with Diamond.

“I wouldn’t ill-talk Diamond. He was a great guy; we had a great life for the 3 to 4 years that we were together, and basically that was it,” said Zari Hassan.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz went separate ways on February 14, 2018.

Zari now says, since ditching Diamond, she is “doing a good job in raising my children up”.

The businesswoman is in Kenya for a cancer awareness event titled “Colour Purple”, which will take place at Uhuru Gardens on Saturday, May 12.


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