Controversial rapper, Noti Flow, to Prezzo: I love you my back-up husband

Controversial Kenyan rapper Natalie Florence Kutoto, popularly known as Noti Flow, has not yet gotten over her ex-boyfriend Jackson Ngechu Makini, alias CMB Pezzo.

Noti Flow on Thursday, June 21, took to Instagram to reveal that despite breaking up with the rapper in August 2017, she still loves the “My City My Town” hit-maker.

“Prezzo, nakupenda bure. Even when I am mad at you, you still call me on phone and you won’t hang up till [you ensure] I am giggling. I have done a lot of dumb things, but you forgive me quickly; like nothing happened. You have a golden a heart. I love you so much my back-up husband,” said Noti Flow.

Noti Flow and Prezzo reportedly dated between January 2016 and August 2017, with Noti Flow citing Prezzo’s “unfaithfulness” as the reasoning for her decision to walk out on the rapper.

Prezzo is now rumoured to be dating Tanzanian video vixen Amber Lulu.

Noti Flow recently attracted controversy, when a picture of her flashing her breast was posted to Instagram.

She denied being responsible for the controversial image.

“I have no idea of the photograph that you are talking about. I cannot even recall the last time I accessed my Instagram account. [Now that you’ve alerted me], let me check my social media pages right now,’’ she told EDAILY on phone Thursday afternoon.

Noti Flow is not new to controversy, and seemingly, she enjoys the attention that comes with drama and scandal.


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