Controversial jokes land Churchill Show in trouble with KFCB

The airing of Kenyan comedy program The Churchill Show was on Sunday night abruptly disrupted after some of the acts performed “crossed the line”, angering social media users.

Comedians Jasper and Zeddy cracked some jokes that rubbed some viewers the wrong way, with sections of the audience complaining that the content was lewd and not suitable for family viewing.

Following the harsh social media criticism, the hour-long show was pulled off air, 25 minutes in.

Kenya Film Classification Board Chief Executive Officer, Ezekiel Mutua condemned Churchill and his show, claiming they had stooped to levels not acceptable for a program considered as a family show.

Calling the offensive prank “horrible”, Mutua said that the show creators had flouted programming regulations by airing such content before watershed hours.

“That prank, plus the Meru-accent-laden village wag’s ‘dirty’ talk disguised as bicycle ride is against the Programming Code for Free-to-air radio and television services in Kenya. This is a family show and it airs during the watershed,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Calling out the comedians for “betraying the trust” of the program’s family audience, Mutua warned entertainers against using lewd talk as a way to popularise their shows.

“To try and popularize it through cheap sex talk is a breach of the law and betrayal of trust of the program’s family audiences. Any celebrity who makes money by pushing dirty content to corrupt the moral values of our children is no better than the politicians looting our country. Its impunity and it’s wrong!”

Churchill has, however, apologized for the incident.


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