Conjestina Achieng would have killed her brother – William Ochieng


Veteran Kenyan boxer Conjestina Achieng on Thursday, June 2 attacked and hurt her younger brother Owino at their Umiru village home in Siaya County.

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Owino suffers from meningitis and he cannot speak.

Conjestina Achieng who has since fled Foundation of Hope Rehabilitation Centre in Kisumu where she was receiving treatment for clinical depression and marijuana dependency, has been causing chaos at home and the elder brother William Ochieng urges well-wishers and both levels of government to intervene.

Ms Achieng escaped from the rehab facility on April 29, where she was admitted since December, 2015.

“I am not well. Without me, Conjestina would have killed Owino. This lady is a threat to us here at home. If Conjestina cannot be taken away from home, then we will hear something worse than what she did,” Mr Ochieng told eDaily.

“Right now, I am the one taking care of the whole family – and to make matters worse, I am jobless.”

“I don’t know what I can do. I also have a family that depends on me and on Friday, my child will be sent home from Lwak Girls’ High School due to lack of school fees, KSh35, 000. I don’t know what I can do,” lamented Mr Ochieng, amid pains.

The elder brother to the iconic boxer says that the former fighter’s son also risks being sent home from Maliera Boys’ High School due to lack of school fees.

“I am confused,” says Ochieng, adding: “My mum is admitted with the young boy (Owino) to hospital. There is no money to foot hospital bills. Owino is not able to eat anything because Conjestina broke all his teeth. We need urgent help.”

Conjestina Achieng’s mother and Owino are admitted at Yala Sub-District Hospital in Siaya County.

“My hand is fully swollen because I was fighting with Conjestina while she had a panga. She was slashing our younger brother.”

“We are not happy. I don’t know how we will terminate this suffering because it was not meant for us. We desperately need help,” said Mr Ochieng.



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