Confusion as woman carries to court panty of her husband’s alleged ‘Mpango wa Kando’

A middle-aged woman stunned an Embu Court Tuesday, when she carried to the courtroom the panty of her husband’s alleged mpango wa kando.

Ann Rwamba, who is accused of assaulting Prisca Gatiri, told the court that she busted the complainant, Ms Gatiri, having sexual intercourse with her husband on their matrimonial bed in May.

Ms Rwamba claims she went home unannounced, when she nabbed the two getting intimate.

Ms Rwamba alleged that she was the victim of a thorough beating by Ms Gatiri, whom she allegedly confronted for “sleeping with her husband”.

Ms Rwamba claims Ms Gatiri escaped through the bedroom window after committing the act.

In her defense, Ms Rwamba said she brought with her the underwear, which she claimed belongs to Ms Gatiri, and wanted the piece of cloth be allowed as evidence against the plaintiff.

Embu Resident Magistrate Samuel Mutai refused to accept Ms Rwamba’s request, saying the assault charge she was facing “was not connected to allegations she was leveling against Ms Gatiri”.

The magistrate further barred Ms Rwamba from using crude language, when telling the court about her husband’s alleged affair with Ms Gatiri.

Ms Rwamba is accused of assaulting Ms Gatiri on May 30 at 2:30pm, resulting in Ms Gatiri sustaining injuries to parts of her body, including the cheek, which Ms Rwamba allegedly bit.

Ms Gatiri told the court that she had delivered green tea leaves at a nearby trading centre, when Ms Rwamba, who was with her two children, confronted her on the roadside, and beat her up.

Ms Gatiri claims Ms Rwamba referred to her as a prostitute, accusing her of having a sexual relationship with her husband. The defendant is also accused of threatening to stab Ms Gatiri with a kitchen knife.

Ms Gatiri told the court that Ms Rwamba’s attack took her to the ground. The accused, thereafter, bit Ms Gatiri on the cheek, the plaintiff claimed.

A neighbour, whose name is Francis Kiura, separated the two, Ms Gatiri told the court.

The complainant said she filed a report at Manyatta Police Station. She added that she was issued with a P3 Form, and thereafter treated at a nearby hospital.

While cross-examining the complainant, Ms Rwamba wondered how she was able to beat up Ms Gatiri, while she had a child tied to her back.

Ms Gatiri, however, claimed that Ms Rwamba placed her children on the ground before pouncing on her.

The case will be heard on August 22.



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