Confusion as Migori man believed dead found drinking at a pub


A family in Ombok Kware Village in Awendo Sub-county, Migori County is confused after their kin, whom they believed had died after he went missing three weeks ago, was found drinking alcohol at a bar in Rongo Town.

A decomposing body that resembles the man, who went missing, was discovered by the police at sugarcane plantation in Awendo and the family took it for their lost kin’s.

The family was in the process of arranging for their kin’s burial slated for Tuesday, March 28, with a casket ready and all mortuary expenses footed, Erick Owiwa, the lost and found man’s brother, said.

It has now emerged that the decomposing body, found at a sugarcane plantation, was not that of their lost relation.

Mr Owiwa said the family received information on Friday evening that their lost kin, who was believed dead, had often been spotted at Kamwango gold mine and at a pub in Rongo Town.

The lost and found man’s other relative, namely Samuel Obange, found him drinking alcohol at Centre Inn Bar in Rongo Town Friday evening, and took him home.

The lost and found man, reportedly, was facing undisclosed charges in court, and his family had already reported his “death” to the court.

The family was only waiting for burial permit from local government.

The family is now consulting Luo elders on what rituals they would perform to cleanse their son, who was believed dead.




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