Confessions! DNA admits that he went back to taking alcohol


Banjuka hit-maker DNA has admitted that he fell off the wagon, just years after he quit taking alcohol.

DNA had had a long struggle with alcoholism before he got saved in April 2009. He however, fell off the wagon and returned to secular lifestyle in 2012.

In a July 5 interview with Homeboyz Radio’s Mwalimu Rachael, DNA put to end speculations about him relapsing.

DNA also opened up on why he parted ways with Grandpa Records under discordant circumstances in 2014.

He said: “I hear many stories that this guy went back to drinking. Yes I went back to drinking, but how on earth does that have anything to do with parting ways with you guys (Grandpa)?

The deep voiced rapper went on to state that he was the one who ditched Grandpa Records, not the other way around.

“Before me, people didn’t know too much about the camp. After me, the progress has been questionable. My personal progress continues to move sky high. I dropped the label first and foremost. I didn’t get dropped!”

In a January 2010 interview with Standard, DNA opened up about his struggles with alcoholism.

“Last year (2009) was quite a year for me. I went into depression, hit rock bottom as an alcoholic before encountering Christ and becoming Mtoto wa Sonko! It all begun in Rwanda where I was performing at East African Party alongside Nameless, Kidum, Blu 3 and others. I had decided that I would stop drinking, but I suffered withdrawal symptoms before the gig and didn’t give my best show. Once I got back, I decided kama mbaya mbaya! I continued to drink heavily until April 2009, when I got saved,” he said.

And what prompted his salvation?

“Last year (2009) in April, I was in Dubai performing at Club Casuarina during the Easter weekend celebration. After the show was over, I got so high that I missed my flight back. Getting another flight was a problem, so I went on a drinking spree, alone, in a foreign country. I was tired of life, and I thought my destiny was to die as a drunkard.”

“I honestly don’t remember all the details of my trip back home, but what I really hoped was that I would die soon because I couldn’t take it anymore,” he said, adding: “I got saved after the Dubai trip, my parents had really been praying for me to overcome alcoholism, and they encouraged me to try again instead of giving up. I locked myself up in my room on April 20th, and broke down before God.”

DNA, who was a chain smoker, quit the habit; but would in 2012 return to smoking and drinking. To date, he says the habit is cyclical.




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