Concern as pregnant women swallow bleaching pills to lighten skins of their unborn babies

Pregnant women in Ghana are said to have embraced the trend with the aim of giving birth to light-skinned babies.

The women are said to swallow the Glutathione pills with the belief that their unborn babies’ skin colour will change.

However, the trend has been a concern for Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

The authority has warned that the pills will cause among others, birth defects, damage to limbs and internal organs.

“FDA wants the general public to know that no product has been approved by the FDA in the form of a tablet to lighten the skin of the unborn child,” the authority said as quoted by BBC.

The pills are allegedly smuggled into Ghana through airports in large luggage.

Now authorities have launched a crackdown on smugglers as they seek to end the emerging trend.

Many Ghanaian women believe that lightened skin will give them an advantage in their interactions with other races.


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