Comedian Owago Onyiro responds to rumours of being a father

Don’t believe the rumours: renowned comedian Owago Onyiro is not about to become a dad.

Speculations that Owago would be joining the Fathers’ Club were rife after he posted a photo showing him posing alongside an expectant woman.

The picture, which was posted on Instagram, also showed Owago touching the baby bump of the heavily expectant woman.

The comedian captioned the image on his official handle: “Baby shower coming soon.”

This prompted fans to fill his timeline with congratulatory messages:

One DJ Nasvin Kenya wrote: “Welcome to the world of fatherhood, Owago.”

Another Shiro Shiz, posted: “Wow, congratulations Owago.”

Some webloids too picked up the image and even speculated that the funnyman could soon be a father.

However, speaking to Citizen Digital on phone, the comedian clarified that the woman in the photo is a fan who requested to take a picture with him.

“You know tabloids at times are notorious for publishing unconfirmed reports. The woman was a good fan whom I met in a recent event. She requested to take a photo with me, to which I agreed. I have no wife; neither do I have a woman who is pregnant by me,” he told.

The comedian is famous for his Ichieni (you are being cursed) jokes that poke fun at the Luo community. He was one of the entertainers at Ramogi Night’s Luo festival in July.

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