Comedian Owago Onyiro responds to claims he’s a new dad

Kenyan comedian Owago Onyiro has dispelled rumours doing rounds on blogs and social media that he is the newest celebrity dad in 2016.

A photo of the comic star surfaced online showing him holding a baby in his arms, and seated beside him is a lady who online users and blogs assumed to be his wife.

“Am happy to introduce my family to my loyal fans… We got a bouncing baby boy on Tuesday night, I am whom I am today because of your support. Rule number one: Respect the mother of your child. Rule number two: Let them advice you but not decide for you. Last rule: Be yourself,” wrote Owago on social media.

Speaking to Citizen Digital on phone, the comic star clarified that the baby boy is his friend’s.

“I am not yet a father; that is my friend’s baby whom I took a photo with. I also don’t have a wife yet,” he said.

This is not the first time the comedian is wrongly linked with being a father.

In August last year, the same issue thrust him into the limelight after the Ichieni comedian took to social media to share a photo of him holding a fan’s baby bump.


In August 2015, Owago took to social media to share a photo of him holding a fan’s baby bump PHOTO/COURTESY

He captioned the image on his official handle: “Baby shower coming soon.”

Webloids consequently speculated that the funnyman was soon going to become a father.

He however clarified then that the woman in the photo was a fan who requested to take a picture with him.

“You know tabloids at times are notorious for publishing unconfirmed reports. The woman was a good fan whom I met in a recent event. She requested to take a photo with me, to which I agreed. I have no wife; neither do I have a woman who is pregnant by me,” he said.

The comedian is famous for his Ichieni (you are being cursed) jokes that poke fun at the Luo community.

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