Comedian Chipukeezy’s ex-fiance flaunts new lover

Last year, we were all treated to a rumour that Chipukeezy and his fiance had parted ways- two years after their noisy and extra engagement.

The comedian later confirmed it by sharing photos of his new woman- an Instagram model.

And now it seems that close at his wake, the comedian’s ex-fiance has found her solace and love in the arms of another man.

Photos making rounds on social media show Kerry whose real name is Vivianne posing alongside an unknown man whose face is hidden by a huge love emoji.

Empress Kerry shows off her new man- or rather,covertly announces new relationship. Photo: Empress Kerry/Facebook

And is there a better way of keeping your new lover away from the prying public than covering their face with a generous emoji?

Probably not.

It is also an ingenious way of telling us modestly that you are in a new relationship but the man in your life is none of our business.

Which is okay too.

The photos by Vivianne come barely a month after her comedian ex-lover shared photos of his new catch- a woman only identified as Kibanja on Instagram where she enjoys a handsome following.

Comedian Chiupukeezy’s new lover, Kibanja. Photo: Instagram/Kibanja

During an interview earlier in the year, Chipukeezy confirmed the breakup and explained that he had parted ways with his would-have-been wife amicably.

Photo: Instagram/Kibanja

The two had gotten engaged in 2016 and teased a wedding for November of the same year.

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