Collins Injera: Kenya 7s players mocked me in the changing room

Kenya Sevens’ Vice Captain, Collins Injera, has revealed that his teammates mocked him when he wore a vest with asseverate words – but failed to deliver – just before he infamously signed the £60,000 (KSh9 million) camera lens with a permanent marker in a win over Japan, last year.

Collins Injera’s 200th try celebration at the London Sevens at Twickenham in May, 2015 went viral, causing a bit of a stir around the globe for as much good as bad.

While it was an unexampled celebration, with the marker stored in his sock until being needed, there were concerns about the damage to the camera.

While many media sites claimed that the Kenyan star would be made to pay for damage caused to the camera lens, it appeared to be purely speculation and based on nothing more than an assumption.

In fact, World Rugby confirmed that the same camera shot was used later in the day.

When CNN international host Christina Macfarlane recently inquired if Injera had planned the infamous celebration, he said: “Originally I had worn an inner vest, a white vest that was written ‘First in Africa’, but then played the first three games on day one without scoring, I remember the boys mocking me in the changing room, I think that (they said) the vest made me not score, so I had to take it off. On the second day of the tournament, I decided I’d sign the ball that I scored the try with.”

“So when I scored the try, I signed the ball and then when I looked up I saw the camera was there in front of me, with a lens there, I went for it.”

Injera terms scoring the landmark try as the defining moment in his career.

“It must be when I scored the 200th try at Twickenham last year. It just goes to show how far I’ve come as a player and also how far we’ve come as a team. . I remember scoring that try, it was quite emotional, it was a little bit bittersweet,” he told CNN’s Christina Macfarlane.

USA won the 2015 London Sevens tournament, and 2016 Singapore Sevens runners-up Fiji, won the overall series.


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