College girl busted in married man’s bed at 4am fights for life at Meru hospital



A woman in her early twenties is fighting for her life at the Meru Level Five Hospital after she was attacked by a married woman in Makutano area.

The victim, said to be a college student in the locality, was found naked on the matrimonial bed of her aggressor at 4am Wednesday.

The enraged wife reached for a panga and cut her supposed love rival in the arm, leaving her bleeding profusely.

The student’s screams attracted attention of the neighbours, who arrived at the scene and rescued the victim.

According to neighbours, the suspect said she had intended to kill the girl, whom she accused of wrecking her marriage.

“She [suspect] left with the student’s phone and clothes,” said one of the neighbours.

The suspect’s husband, who works at a bakery firm in Meru Town, wasn’t at home during the incident.

The suspect, who had – last weekend — visited her parents’ home in Githongo, Central Imenti, returned to her matrimonial home early Wednesday, only to be met by the sight of a naked young woman on her bed.

Neighbours managed to stop an ambulance which was driving past the scene, and swiftly placed the girl in it and asked the driver to take the patient to Meru Level Five Hospital.

It remains unknown whether the college girl spent Tuesday night at the married woman’s house, or she was invited to the house in the wee hours of Wednesday by her alleged lover.

The suspect’s husband is also yet to speak on the incident.

According to neighbours, the student is new in Makutano area.

Police are hunting for the suspect, who said she is ready to present herself at any police post with her victim’s clothes and phone as evidence that she [victim] intruded her turf.

Some neighbours, however, suspect that the college student was set up.

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