CNN news anchor Richard Quest blasts Julie Gichuru over fake quote

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Visiting CNN news anchor Richard Quest on Thursday called out former Citizen Television news anchor Julie Gichuru for falsely attributing a quote to him.

Ms Gichuru had written on Twitter that Mr Quest was enjoying his stay in Kenya, and even proclaimed his admiration for the country. She put words in his mouth, however, when quoting him.

The statement attributed to Mr Quest read: “Nothing beats the service industry in Kenya. Here, I am surrounded by giraffes while having breakfast. In a country declared by the World Bank as the preferred investment destination in Africa, what else can I ask for? Kenya is magical!”

The CNN journalist came across Julie Gichuru’s tweet, and was quick to point out that he hadn’t made such a statement.

“Ah Julie… a nice picture and sentiment. But, I never actually said that! Even though, I am having a very good visit,” said Mr Quest.

Julie Gichuru responded to Mr Quest’s statement, saying: “Okay. I am fanning out right now, Richard Quest. Pole sana, Richard. I thought it was a real quote. [These are] challenges of the digital era. Enjoy Kenya, it is magical.”

The former media personality further took to her Twitter page to issue an apology.

“Correction to my earlier post: Nice picture and sentiment, but not a quote. [I am] delighted that Richard is having a good visit,” said Julie Gichuru.

As expected, Kenyans on Twitter did not spare Julie Gichuru some flak for not having done sufficient verification before going public with the fake quote tweet.

Mr Quest arrived in Kenya last Monday for work-related engagements and is scheduled to board the maiden KQ direct flight to New York from Nairobi on Sunday, October 28.

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