CMB Prezzo proposes to third girlfriend


Controversial Kenyan rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini, better known as CMB Prezzo, has proposed to his flame Michelle Oyola – and she said yes!

“We planned to keep it on the low, but paparazzi beat us to it. With that said, ladies and gentlemen meet Mrs. Makini,” Prezzo wrote on Instagram Thursday, May 19 after information about his proposal leaked on social media.

Prezzo had in 2012 proposed to late Nigerian singer Susan Oluwabimpe ‘Goldie’ Harvey who did not approve his application as she was already married to another man – Andrew Harvey.

The Naleta Action star visited Nigeria in August, 2012 and told Lagos journalists that he had unfinished business with Goldie – and he’d come complete what he’d started with her in the Big Brother House in South Africa earlier 2012.

“My mission here is to look for Goldie. I have not spoken to her since the show ended. I came here for Goldie. In all honesty, I care about her and she cares about me. With God on my side, I pray everything works out well.” Prezzo said.

And to justify his quest, Prezzo said he was by all means qualified to remarry after he’d been granted divorce from his ex-wife and baby mama Daisy Kiplagat.

“I was married before, but now, we are separated. I had a baby girl with her (Daisy Kiplagat) and that is not the end of the world. Our divorce is in process, we have been living separately for the past three years. There is no relationship between us anymore. I will tell Goldie that I have been thinking about her since I left the BBA house. I will marry Goldie; you will get the invitation soon,” Prezzo said.

“I was not able to express all my feelings to Goldie in the house due to paranoia
and I am ready to come and fight for a prize that is worth it and that it will make me a real winner…”

And when Goldie passed on in February 2013 after a short illness, her husband Andrew Harvey – a senior contracts engineer based in Kuala Lumpur – asked Prezzo to keep away from the musician’s family as he and other relatives mourned his wife’s death.

Mr. Harvey was reacting to reports that Prezzo was so devastated by Goldie’s death that he immediately jumped on a plane to Nigeria.

“Prezzo, please, leave our family to grieve in peace,” Mr. Harvey said. “You have caused enough hurt and pain.”

Fast forward – Prezzo moved on. The rapper has been been in an on and off relationship with Michelle, but things seem to be working out for the two.

In January, 2016 CMB Prezzo provoked fury in Michelle when he publicly denied being in a romantic relationship despite fans being familiar with Michelle as his lover.

Prezzo made the remarks when he appeared as guest anchor on KTN’s Friday Briefing with Betty Kyallo.

Michelle consequently took to social media to declare she was available for a relationship to interested men.

Seemingly, the two kissed and made up, and what we are now waiting for is the nuptials.

Congratulations to the happy couple.


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