CMB Prezzo blasts Colonel Moustapha


Kenyan rapper CMB Prezzo has blasted fellow musician Colonel Moustapha, saying Moustapha is struggling to find a break-through in his music career, years after he sank into oblivion.

Speaking to Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto host, Willy M Tuva, recently, Prezzo accused Moustapha of lacking exposure; christening the Dodoma Singida hit-maker a “mshamba”.

“That guy (Moustapha) is a primitive man, who has short memory. I am never inclined toward battling him. Though, I understand his troubles. He wants to get back on his feet musically, but he is finding it to be very difficult. No one listens to his music, no one understands his music. Instead of politely approaching and requesting me – the king – to help him revive his career, which is headed for the abyss, he resorts to beefing.

“He should not beef with me to gain popularity. At my age, the music that I produce is top quality. I do not release songs such as Dodoma Singida. If he learns some manners, I will certainly boost him in his career. Moustapha is not a man I would fight; I would only undo my belt and whip him seriously. After he learns some manners, I would offer to help him find his feet,” said CMB Prezzo.


In early May, 2017, Colonel Moustapha claimed that CMB Prezzo’s ex-partners left him because his (Prezzo’s) “sex game was wanting”. Moustapha made the remark after declaring that he had kicked off a relationship with Prezzo’s immediate ex-lover, Michelle Yola.

And the Dodoma Singida hit-maker did not see it necessary to avoid speaking about his rap colleague in a demeaning manner on 10 Over 10 on Friday, May 26.

He said: “CMB Prezzo failed in bedroom duties. I learned about his weaknesses via one of his ex-girlfriends whom I had a fling with. I could not stay in a relationship with Prezzo’s ex-girlfriends for more than a week because they are stubborn just like him. I treat them like chips fungas (a sheng word for a partner that one hooks up with for sex only).”

It is the above statement by Moustapha that has, seemingly, escalated the war of words between the two rappers; a war of words that will, ostensibly, not end anytime soon.



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