Citizen TV’s Mike Njenga to wed fiancée, reveals his jealousy

Citizen TV anchor and reporter Michael Njenga will wed his long-term fiancée Phoebe Wanjiku on Saturday, January 9th.

In an exclusive interview with Citizen Digital, Njenga divulged about their courtship.

The two met four years ago at a dinner that was organized by one of their mutual friends.

The love bug instantly struck Njenga when he set his eyes on Wanjiku whom to him was more than a beauty goddess.

Determined, he alerted other gentlemen in the room about his love interest.

“I walked to where the guys had sat and I made it known that if anyone shows interest in Phoebe, I would wreck their dental formula.”

This is what would lead to a beautiful courtship three years down the line, the fourth in February.

“There are so many things I see and I cannot wait to tell her,” Njenga divulged emotively.

“We share so many inside jokes, even if we are on opposite sides of the room and we see something that we both relate to, we automatically turn to look at each other.”

Maturity, faith in God and family background are among the key attributes that stood out to Njenga and consequently kept him glued.

“I love her level of maturity, she is very mature,” he said. “I also love that she mentioned God. She grew up in the church.”

“The numerous inside jokes, and the qualities that Phoebe possesses are but a few of the reasons which what prompted Njenga to propose; to top it all off, “She is very beautiful.”

“We dated for about one year before I proposed. Thank God she said yes.”

The Business Center anchor’s advice to bachelors is: “Do not look for trophies, do not get someone who you can live with but someone you can’t live without.”

Citizen Digital wishes the couple fanfare and a happy marriage!

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