Church in Busia burned down over witchcraft claims

An unidentified group on men in Ukame Village, Busia County on Thursday June 16 torched down a church and two houses on claims that the structures are used for black magic.


According faithful, who were having devotion at the church, they had spotted the perpetrators moving around the church vicinity with Jerry cans filled petrol.


“We were worshipping when we saw some men passing with containers of petrol,” said a resident.


“They wanted to burn the church during the day but we did not allow them to do so, so they returned at night,” he claimed.


The men are reported to have also destroyed some crops growing around the church area before burning the buildings.


The faithful are now demanding for justice. .


The allegations of sorcery took wind when one of the villagers passed on mysteriously.


Police are now in pursuit of the arsonists.

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