Church in disorder after pastor’s wife storms wedding to stop him from marrying Wife No. 2

A wedding ceremony between a ‘Man of God’ and his new flame ended in disarray last Saturday, when the pastor’s first wife stormed the event and demanded the groom to acknowledge she (first wife) was the only bonafide partner.

The pastor, Imani Kalinga, who heads the Elgibbon Ministry Church in Mbeya, Tanzania, was tying the knot to Bupe Kajigili at a church in Dar es Salaam, when Elizabeth Jeremiah stormed the House of God and scuttled the ceremony.

It is alleged Mr Kalinga left Ms Jeremiah in Mbeya, where they live, and went to a church in Dar es Salaam to secretly exchange vows with Ms Kajigili.

Ms Jeremiah said she and her husband were in court processing their separation, and that by the time he was marrying Ms Kajigili, he hadn’t formally left her (Ms Jeremiah).

The ruling was set for March 5, said Ms Jeremiah.

Tanzanian media say Ms Jeremiah’s friends, who were also close to Mr Kalinga, informed her about her husband’s secret wedding on the date he was marrying Ms Kajigili.

The shocked Ms Jeremiah immediately embarked on a Dar es Salaam journey, and was fortunate to find the wedding still going on. She was accompanied to the Dar es Salaam church by her friends.

Mr Kalinga, at the time, was on the pulpit with Ms Kajigili, as the congregants sang and congratulated them on their Big Day.

Ms Jeremiah, upon setting foot in church, went straight to the pulpit and removed from her purse a court document, which showed she was still married to Mr Kalinga.

She presented the document to the wedding’s officiating minister, Steven Jungwa.

The spurned wife called out Mr Jungwa for betrayal, saying he knew too well that Mr Kalinga was still married to her, and despite being replete with such information, he (Jungwa) still went ahead to preside over Mr Kalinga and Ms Kajigili’s “illicit” union.

Ms Jeremiah revealed that she and Mr Kalinga – at one time – housed Mr Jungwa, who she now accuses of paying her back with betrayal.

All through the groom, Mr Kalinga, remained silent as he watched helplessly from the pulpit.

Mr Jungwa, on the other hand, ashamed by Ms Jeremiah’s outburst, defended himself, claiming he was not presiding over Mr Kalinga and Ms Kajigili’s wedding, but was “blessing” them.

Ms Jeremiah, who was now irked by Mr Jungwa’s response, became wilder.

She looked at her husband’s kinsmen, who represented him at the wedding, and saw his aunt, Anna Yona. The furious wife, upon seeing Ms Yona, called her out for ‘hypocrisy’, saying she pretended to approve of her, while in reality, she did not.

Ms Yona, who was seated next to Mr Kalinga’s sister, looked on in disbelief.

The head of the Dar es Salaam church, which the wedding was being held in, intervened; and asked Ms Jeremiah to read out the court document.

A young boy read out the court document on behalf of Ms Jeremiah.

The congregants, who had attended the wedding, could not believe what they were hearing – that Mr Kalinga was still married to Ms Jeremiah when he was tying the knot with Ms Kajigila.

The head of the Dar es Salaam church immediately ordered that Mr Kalinga’s wedding to Ms Kajigila be dissolved, and the congregants leave the church.

Ms Jeremiah said what hurt her most about Mr Kalinga’s decision was that he was dumping her despite sticking by him when he had no name or wealth.

The couple has four children and two grandchildren.

When Tanzanian journalists attempted to interview the bride, Ms Kajigila, her relatives and friends whisked her (Kajigila) away from them.

Ms Jeremiah and her friends, thereafter, returned to Mbeya leaving Mr Kalinga in Dar es Salaam.

It remains unknown whether the couple re-united.








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