Chris Wamalwa: My friends from Brazil have questioned “what I am doing in Rio”


Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa has dispelled reports doing the rounds on social media that he went to Rio to have fun last weekend.

In an elaborate interview with eDaily, Mr Wamalwa says the photos showing him holding booze on one hand and the waist of a white woman on the other hand are creations of Photoshop – and that he suspects his enemies on the political front are behind the picture.

“I did not go to Rio. I have been in Kenya a better part of this year. Over the weekend I was in Kiminini, where I met and interacted with my constituents during the circumcision ceremony of the Bukusu community. The event was broadcast on several television stations across the country and viewers saw me with members of my community,” Wamalwa told eDaily.

“From there, I travelled to Nairobi. I am also shocked by people’s claims that I went to Rio to have fun and ‘strike gold’. All that is propaganda; I am aware in today’s advanced technological world there are software such as Photoshop,” he added.

To curb such kind of mass deceit, Wamalwa says parliament would soon debate a bill to regulate circulation of photos on social media – and punitive measures be put in place for users who post deceitful pictures that may harm someone else’s reputation.

“There’s a bill in parliament which will regulate how photos are used on social media. People should be responsible. I am told there are bloggers who alter subjects of photos to fit their motives. Kenyans won’t be lied to anymore. That probably was an agenda set by my competitors.”

“I have been receiving phone calls from my friends based in America, Brazil and Argentina asking me what I am doing in Rio,” said Wamalwa, adding: “The photos were deceitful!”



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