Chris Okinda: Sponsors only want you for baby gymnastics

Celebrated Radio straight talk presenter, Chris Okinda has opened up on the “sponsors phenomenon” saying they only want baby gymnastics.

While discussing the sponsor phenomenon on Citizen TV’s reality show 10over10, Okinda shared his mind on what he thinks of young women who ought for married men to finance their needs.

“Sponsors only want you for baby gymnastics,” he said.

The father of two daughters told young ladies that they should not consider short cuts as a way to make money.

“Money is not an end it’s a means to an end, women were created for much more.”


The straight talk host, however, said he disregarded the “sponsor phenomenon” saying it is another form of trading ones body.

“Its demeaning for a women to be sponsored. Its another form of sex trade,” he remarked.

Okinda, however, encouraged young people to work hard for every dream is valid.

“When I look at young women, I see cabinet secretaries, presidents, ministers and great people in this world,” he remarked.

Chris Okinda is a film producer and actor featured in the Oscar award-winning movie The Constant Gardener.

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