Chris Kantai’s mum arrives in Kenya today


The mother of veteran rapper Chris Kantai is expected to arrive in Kenya — from the US — by 4pm Thursday.

Kantai succumbed to breathing complications at the St Francis Community Hospital in Kasarani on Wednesday.

According to family sources, Kantai’s mum — who lives in the US — is yet to be informed about her son’s death.

“When she arrives, we’ll take her to the hospital, where she will be informed about the development. We would, thereafter, embark on funeral plans,” said the informant.

The insider said the musician’s daughter is also yet to be told that her father passed away.

“We are saddened by some of the posts published online about Kantai’s alleged struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse. This is not the time to write such insensitive articles. Some people are now pretending to be close with his family, while they left him to struggle when he was alive,” said the source.

Chris Kantai died aged 42. He is survived by a wife, child and his mother.

The rapper, who spent a significant chunk of his life in the US, was the only surviving child in his family.

His only sibling — a brother — died nearly ten years ago.

Chris Kantai is among the foremost Kenyan rappers, who scooped several trophies in the early 2000s’ Chaguo La Teeniez Awards.

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