Chris Hart speaks out about valentine day

When one thinks of the month of February what pops in one’s mind is Valentine Day!

All through this week, the Valentine mood has been really vibrant. Questions such as: what do you think I should get for my girlfriend/ wife for Valentine’s, What should I wear on  this day or is my boyfriend/husband planning something special, have been raising so many times in most people’s mind.

With all the fuss on valentine day can we be able to note down the importance of this day?

Speaking to Citizen Digital Chris Hart who is a renowned relationship expert says that Valentine day is really an excuse for a couple to be very romantic with each other regardless of how much one spends.

“For 365 days in a year we are a couple but tonight we are going to do something special. It’s really about knowing each other well, knowing what your wife or husband would really like and going out of your way to do it,” adds Chris Hart.

In addition, Hart says that valentine is really an opportunity for the male gender to make a fuss of their girlfriends/wives.

According to the relationship expert, Valentine day is not really about how much you spend one can simply arrange for a simple thing such as a walk in the park and still make it worthwhile and romantic for your better half.

However, Chris Hart has no problem with those that go big on this day. Understanding each other is always the key.

We all have to admit that Valentine day is all about the wives and girlfriends, chocolates and flowers plus various gifts. However, it does not hurt for the boyfriends and husbands to receive gifts during this special day.

One thing that seems really difficult to achieve when preparing for this special day is the aspect of planning it without being commercial. During an interview with Citizen Digital, Chris Hart pointed out that it is  possible for one to prepare for valentine day without being commercial by always thinking ahead, in addition, creating anticipation really helps out, it all revolves around creating excitement.

“It’s all about doing the unexpected. A man should be able to surprise the wife/girlfriend with breakfast in bed once in a while. Sending one or two messages implying that something is happening but also keeping it all very secretive can also work out,” he said

On the other hand, truth be told, most women have a tendency of always thinking of a princess kind of valentine. You want the flowers, the chocolates the singing band but wait; you do not get to communicate this to your better half!!

Unfortunately, there is where the problem begins. Most women set themselves for disappointment on valentine day just because of poor communication between the men in their lives.

“Ladies should be able to point out to the men in their lives what they really want. Let’s face it men cannot really guess correctly what you want, a simple hint would not hurt,” says Hart.

Meanwhile, for those who want to propose to their girlfriends on valentine day should make sure that before popping the question, the two should have a discussion concerning how their relationship is faring on.

“Proposals should always be memorable even when they fall on Valentine day. The place of the proposal is very crucial, one needs to pick a place that even years later will still be in existence. This is important because a couple can be able to visit the place once in a while to freshen up their memories,” says Chris.


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