Chris Brown’s baby mama denied full custody of baby Royalty

Chris Brown’s baby mama has been denied the Ksh1.6million a month she wanted from the singer as child support.

Nia Guzman took to court an appeal to have full custody of 2-year-old girl, Royalty Brown.

She wanted Brown to have monitored visitation and take drug tests. Gizman also wanted the singer’s mother denied the right to see Royalty, TMZ reports.

A source privy to the Zero hit-maker revealed to the outlet that the judge denied the mother’s request, maintaining the status quo of joint custody.

The source revealed that Nia Guzman had filed legal documents for a change in custody, with the judge ordering Brown to pay Ksh. 2 million to hire her lawyer.

The judge ruled that Ms Guzman was not entitled to the money.

Hitherto Guzman, who is currently getting Ksh. 250,000 a month for child support, in a separate wanted the singer to pay an additional Ksh1.4 million. She however dismissed the support petition.

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