Chris Brown leaves rented apartment with ‘urine and vomit everywhere’, ‘owes landlord Ksh6 million’

Chris Brown has apparently landed himself in major trouble after one of his parties allegedly went out of hand, reports

According to a landlord in Ibiza who rented out her property to the singer to hold a mega bash, Brown owes her £45,000 (Ksh6 million); and to make matters worse, Breezy “wrecked” the apartment.

Vomit was allegedly found ‘everywhere’ by the landlord on inspection – and urine was discovered on the bed.

There were also numerous wall markings made by knives, according to TMZ.

The landlord was forced to phone the police when Brown did not leave the villa on time, adds Metro.

A source close to the 27-year-old singer, however, told TMZ that there was an issue with the landlord’s bank account and the bill has now been settled.

The original price of the rental was around £20,000 (KSh2.7 million) but this was upped when the damage was discovered.

Unfazed by the drama, Chris posted another shot of himself and his comrades on the villa patio after leaving the property.

The American RnB act is not having the best time at the moment, as imprisoned rap producer Suge Knight is also suing him claiming he failed to prevent him from being shot at one of his parties.

In a spirited retaliation captured on video by TMZ, Chris Brown says the landlord concocted the story that he trashed the joint.

Chris posted a video which he says he shot just before leaving the rental, and it certainly appears there’s no significant damage.

He says he shot the video because the landlord had become aggressive toward him and he wanted to protect himself.

Brown took shots of every division in the apartment – from washrooms to the living room – and there is no evidence that the house was riddled with damage; instead images of sparkling clean divisions could be seen.



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