Chris Brown in court for ‘hitting’ woman

Chris Brown has been ordered by the courts not to appear anywhere close to a woman identified as Cassandra, after he allegedly hit her.

Cassandra had gone to the courts to obtain a restraining order against the award-winning singer, who she accuses of stalking her, after he had hit her at a party.

Details about Chris Brown’s latest legal headache are limited, but documents obtained by The Blast reportedly say Cassandra was granted a temporary protective order against the R&B star in Los Angeles.

Cassandra accuses Chris Brown of “hitting” her, though she does not reveal when or where the alleged incident happened.

She also claims that Brown “stalks” and “follows” her. She alleges that Brown’s harassment occurred several times on different days, though she does not specify the dates.

Cassandra further claims that though Brown, 29, has never threatened her with a gun or any other weapon, he has been following and striking her.

Chris Brown has been ordered to stay 90 meters from Cassandra and to stay away from her school, which was unspecified.

Brown was also restricted from contacting her in any way.

The hearing of the case is scheduled for July 3, when the protective order will expire unless extended by the judge.

However, Chris Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, denied the allegations and claimed his client was the victim of a Ksh171.8 million ($17 million) “shakedown”.


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